8a.pl - store design

    Batorego / Warsaw


    Batorego / Warsaw
    100 m²
    measurement inventory of commercial
    implementation of retail chain concept
    executive project of the store interior design
    functional store layout
    inter-branch coordination
    lighting selection
    furniture design
    list of furnishings
    architect’s supervision
    Climbing enthusiasts finally can visit the 8a.pl store in Warsaw. It has been built in the iconic location on ul. Batory at the Warsaw School of Economics.
     The project was built on the basis of a conceptual design from 2014.The image that we created at that time was tailored to the client’s needs and thus is unique and still relevant and very attractive. A carefully planned spaceplan ensures that the sales area is used to the maximum, also product categories have been perfectly organized by using various displays. The ambience strongly rooted in the mountain theme will surely put the customer in a good mood and make the visit to the store enjoyable.
    photo: Dariusz Majgier

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