Polish Vodka Museum / Soho



    Soho / Warsaw 
    competition project
    museum arrangement
    The aim of the concept, which is a composition of carefully selected components of interior architecture, is to create an informal, comfortable space for the visitor, interesting in terms of arrangement. One of the main assumptions was to treat the interior in an unidentified, temporal or historical way, in a historically unconnected manner, devoid of the colors of a given epoch. Arranged space is intended to be an ideal, neutral background for exposure.
    To co-create the interior and build a unique atmosphere we invited the eternal companion of vodka, the most faithful partner – the glass. It has become the main material that penetrates all the rooms available to the visitor with varying degrees. Its crystalline purity is the metaphor of the host of the exposition – vodka.
    Clean interior decorated with elegant graphite was filled with images of overlapping, duplicated reflections to give a surreal character. With a panes of glass curved like a bottle or a vodka glass, a unique effect that accompanies the Spectator was achieved by providing a variable, unrealistic image.
    visualisations: MUSU

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