Fitness club HOLO


    Fitness club HOLO

    130 m²
    measurement inventory of commercial premises
    functional store layout
    retail chain concept
    An interactive and effective training concept. A boutique fitness studio equipped with modern technologies and designed in the spirit of SMART. The external display case intrigues with the contrast of colors and the unusual effect of the rainbow glass foil imitating the rainbow. The foil changes color depending on the point of observation, it follows the movement. After crossing the entrance, we are greeted by a white wall covered with a delicate pattern referring to fitness club logotype with a contrasting color graphic sign. Behind the customers’ backs, light is leaking that splits the colors into basic ones, creating a lively, dynamic image painted with people’s silhouettes. There is also a small console in the form of a plexiglass desk in this zone, where the coach welcomes us. After registering on tablets, we go to the cloakroom. The space of the entrance and the cloakroom is design in white with small color accents. The space of the exercise room is a different world. The whole is dressed in black, elegant colors complemented by inspiring sports-themed photos and contrasting, energetic, colorful images. Natural light reaching the interior, thanks to the rainbow foil creating a riot of colors, creates a spectacular effect enlivening and energizing the interior.

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