DHL Control Tower - office arrangement


    DHL Control Tower

    Okęcie / Warsaw
    300 m²
    architectural inventory
    office layout
    office interior design
    detailed executive design of interior arrangement
    managing the tenant coordination process
    custom-made furniture design
    lighting selection
    list of furnishings
    architect’s supervision
    DHL Control Tower is developing team and consistently office space. The first DHL office implemented according to our concept is so well rated by employees and guests that the next zone had to be designed with the same character.
    We’re especially pleased that our concept perfectly passes the test of time – it’s fresh, friendly and modern.  The functional plan and image have been adapted to the requirements and style of work of the new Control Tower team, whose main tasks are transport and logistics.
    The premises were built during a very unfavorable economic period – a pandemic – which wasn’t without significance for the budget of the project. Design works, consultations and supervision over the implementation were carried out in compliance with the sanitary regime.

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