Vision Express

    optical stores
    Along with the change of the Vision Express logo, the concept of arranging the brand’s stores has been remodeling. He gained a modern, clear and coherent image that creates a friendly atmosphere and corresponds with the nature of the services. The task of the MUSU studio covered the implementation of the Vision Express network image guidelines and the creation of a new model functional layout for individual shop interiors with dedicated equipment, finishing materials and lighting. In this assumption, the space of each of the salons has been clearly divided into three zones: a sales room, a service part for customers and staff facilities. The main idea of ​​modeling the space of the sales room was to create a clear and customer-friendly arrangement of the interior with a legibly divided exhibition. The service part was separated from the room, which ensured privacy for customers. Remodeling of Vision Express outlets contained a change of a number of elements that influenced the improvement of the functionality of the outlets and, above all, the comfort of customer service.
    Continuous cooperation with the client since 2009, including creating concepts, arrangements, visualizations, implementation of multi-branch projects, book of brand arrangement standards.


    photo: Dariusz Majgier

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